Did you know...
The Museum uses early style Edison reproduction single loop carbon filament light bulbs? These 1890 style clear glass bulbs emits a dim reddish glow and do not provide as much light as modern bulbs of the same wattage. They are great for creating our authentic lighting. Just like Molly's lightbulbs!

Visitors are welcome to photograph the Molly Brown House Museum interior, exterior, and grounds for personal use. We strive to facilitate an interactive learning experience with our visitors during the tours which are led by our corps of wonderful Docents, therefore flash photography and video/audio recordings are not permitted inside the Museum. For the safety of our visitors and collections, the Molly Brown House Museum prohibits the use of tripods or selfie sticks. This is a preventive measure to protect visitors and objects, especially during crowded conditions. We encourage Museum visitors to take selfies and share their experiences on social media — but please leave the selfie sticks put away.

Reproduction and Copyright


Photography of the interior and exterior of the house and grounds is permitted but must be for personal, non-commercial use only and cannot be reproduced, sold, exhibited or published in any form including electronically without written permission from the Museum.  Professional-level photography of the Museum interiors, including accessioned items, may not be photographed without advanced notice and written permission from the Curator.  The Museum owns all reproductive rights to accessioned objects and the Museum will grant permission to reproduce images by special request.  The intended use of reproduced images must clearly be stated upon initial request.


Once permission has been granted, all photography equipment and set-up must be cleared through the Museum.  Approved photography and videotaping sessions may only take place outside of tour hours or by special arrangement with Staff.  Appropriate staff shall be present during all approved photography and videotaping sessions.  The photographer assumes all liability and financial responsibility from injury, loss, or damage that may result from activities related to his/her photography.


All hard-copy published images from the Museum will include an appropriate credit line in the publication.  Permission grants right to one-time publication use and the publisher will provide the Museum with a copy of the published work at no cost.  Reproductions for other purposes, reprints, or future additional copies of the publication cannot be made without specific permission.  No images will be authorized for use in perpetuity. 


For images in digital formats, images must be accompanied by the appropriate credit line and will be authorized for Internet/Worldwide Web use for a period not to exceed one year.  Agreements for CD-ROM, video productions and similar publications, will be authorized for one-time use.  Future editions and revisions must be renegotiated.


The Museum does not own reproduction rights to loaned items in its possession and cannot and will not grant reproduction right for such objects.