Did You Know?

Did you know 4,000 students visit the Molly Brown House every year?


The Molly Brown House Museum offers tours and programs for students and adults year round. The links below can guide you to resources both at the museum, and resources that can come to your classroom.

Field Trips

Museum Guided Tour:
Step back in time to Denver in 1910 and immerse your students in history at the home of Molly Brown, a woman whose remarkable life embodied the changes of her time and the power of individual spirit. We can accommodate up to 30 people per tour, and 60 people per hour. Tours are approximately 45 minutesReservations required.  To schedule please fill out the following form

Grades K - 8, $3.00 per student; Grades 9 - 12, $5.00 per student; $6.00 per adult, 1 complimentary teacher ticket per 30 students.

If your school is a Title One School in the seven county metro area of Denver, your students are FREE. Funding is limited, so call to schedule your tour today. Please note that it is still $6.00 per adult with 1 complimentary teacher per 30 students. Thanks to the generosity of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. 

Title 1 Busing subsidies are available: 

Busing subsidies of up to $105.00, are available for Title One Schools in the seven county metro area of Denver.
  • The school must submit a letter to the Molly Brown House Museum on school letterhead and signed by a school administrator stating the percentage of students that are on a Free or Reduced-Fare Lunch and list who the check should be made payable to
  • Complete a W-9
  • Provide a copy of the transportation invoice
Once the above items are received, a check will be issued to the payee named in the invoice for the amount of the invoice, up to a maximum of $105.00. Thanks to the generosity of the Virginia Hill Foundation. 

Planning Your Trip

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Classroom Programs

The Molly Brown House Museum offers 10 traveling programs on a variety of topics for a range of grade levels. Programs take place right in your classroom for only $75 each. New for 2012-2013 School Year: Free programs to Title One Schools in the seven county metro area of Denver. Our programs are tied to 

State and National Model Content Standards 

and travel with authentic artifacts from Molly Brown's time period. Museum staff travel to visit your students with historical facts, artifacts, and fun activities. Certain programs are also available for a two-week checkout. E-mail the Museum Educator to schedule a program today!

Carpetbag K-5th

Meet Molly Brown through a brief introduction by a costumed presenter.

Mind Your Manners Tea 1st-8th

Victorian social and table manners are fun when you practice with snacks and games.

Mining Trunk 2nd-5th

Pick up a pick and learn about Colorado's mining history with touchable historical artifacts and gold samples.

Uncovering the Titanic: An Artifact Exploration 1st-5th

Students transform into junior curators by handling reproduction artifacts of the Titanic.

Titanic Shuffleboard 2nd-8th

Through Molly's most recognizable adventure students learn the facts while playing a fun game of shuffleboard.

Denver Grows! 3rd-6th

Travel through time as Denver grows from a mining town to an urban center. Great for Colorado History curriculum.

Lego City 3rd-8th

Build your won past and present city with Lincoln Logs and Legos. Learn about saving important buildings, zoning issues, and how cities change over time.

Industrial Revolution 3rd-8th

Reenact factory labor to understand the revolutionary changes and the human experience of Industrial America.

Historic Make-Over 6th-8th

Pretend you're stepping back in time and restore your classroom using math concepts such as perimeter and area.

Molly the Activist 5th-12th

Take a look at Molly's involvement in politics and reform efforts, such as women's suffrage. This is a great program for women's history month.

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