Did You Know?

Did you know 4,000 students visit the Molly Brown House every year?


The Molly Brown House Museum offers tours and programs for students and adults year round. The links below can guide you to resources both at the museum, and resources that can come to your classroom.

Now accepting reservations for programs and tours for the 2015-2016 school year! April and May are our busiest months for school programs and tours!! Please book early!!  

We offer joint tours with the Colorado State Capitol.  2016 dates are June 1st, June 3rd, August 9th, and October 4th.  2017 Spring dates are April 7th and May 2nd.  These are first come first serve and must have a reservation.  Book early!

To schedule please fill out the following form or call the Director of Education, Jamie Melissa Wilms at 303-832-4092 x17.

Field Trips

Due to the small spaces within the museum, we do not allow more than 1 chaperone per 10 students.  This number includes the teacher.  Please be mindful of the number of adults attending the field trip as we may not be able to allow all chaperones in with the school tour.  

Museum Guided Tour (K-Adult):
Walk in Molly's footsteps!  explore the home of legendary Titanic heroine Margaret "Molly" Brown.  It is the perfect way to supplement a unit on Colorado history, women's history, Denver history, mining history, architecture and more! We can accommodate up to 30 people per tour. Tours are approximately 45 minutesReservations required. 
Cost: K-8: $4.00 per student, High School: $5.00 per student, Chaperones: $6.00, Teachers free! 

Molly's Neighborhood Walking Tour (3rd-HS): 
Experience the living aspect of history! Use knowledge of urban growth and historic preservation to analyze the sights and sounds of capitol hill on this walking tour. 
Cost: $4.00-5.00 per student 

House Tour & Molly's Neighborhood Walking Tour (3rd-HS): 
Combine our House Tour and Molly's Neighborhood Walking Tour for an in depth experience for students.  Explore the home of Margaret "Molly" Brown and learn about the neighborhood when Margaret lived there and how it became the Capitol Hill neighborhood we know today. 
Cost: $8.00 per student 

Continuing for the 2015-2016 school year:
For both on site and outreach programming, we offer these programs at a low or no cost. Call 303.832.4092 x17 for more information about our scholarship options. Please note that it is still $6.00 per adult with 1 complimentary teacher per 25 students. Thanks to the generosity of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. 

Day-of Logistics

Classroom Programs

Can't make the trip to the Molly Brown House Museum?  We will come to you!  Our innovative and interactive programs will bring history to life with artifacts, historical facts, and fun activities!  For only $100.00 per program, Museum staff will come directly to you! 

Continuing for the 2015-2016 school year: 

For both on site and outreach programming, we offer these programs at a low or no cost. Call 303.832.4092 x17 for more information about our scholarship options.

Our programs are tied to 

State and National Model Content Standards.

  E-mail the Director of Education to schedule a program today!


Carpetbag (1st-5th grade): 
This pre-visit program is a perfect combination to our onsite House Tour.  Students will be able to meet Molly through a brief introduction provided by one of our costumed presenters. 

Denver Grows! (2nd-6th grade):
Travel through time as Denver grows from a mining town to a great urban center, this program fits in with Colorado and local history curriculum. This program will correspond with our new classroom curriculum book Discovering Denver: Brick by Brick.

Lego City (5th-8th grade):
Become a historic preservationist through this popular program! Build you own cities both past and present and learn about saving historic structures, evolution of a city, and the importance of historic preservation.

Science of Titanic (3rd-6th grade): 
Students will be able to explore how the Titanic was built and understand how it worked through this interactive math and science programming using replicas of the ship and other fun interactives.

Uncovering the Titanic: An Artifact Exploration (1st-5th grade):
Learn all about the Titanic with reproduction artifacts!  Students will transform into curators by wearing white gloves and diving deeper into the history of Titanic.  

Mining Lab (2nd-5th grade):
This new hands on program will allow students to learn about three different types of mining while understanding what life was like in mining camps.  Touchable artifacts will accompany this program such as miner's helmets and gold! 

Titanic Shuffleboard (2nd-8th grade): 
Through Molly's most recognizable adventure, participants learn the facts while learning a fun game of shuffleboard. 

Molly the Activist (5th-12th grade): 
Take a look at Molly's involvement in politics and reform efforts including women's suffrage.  This is a great program for women's history month! 

*New for 2016*:

Fops, Frocks, and Fashion at the Turn of the Century (3rd-8th)
Learn about the fashion of the late 1800s-the early 1900s, during the life of Margaret Brown. It will demonstrate how society influenced the way individuals presented themselves, along with the evolution of fashion to show how much society changed in less than a hundred years.

Women in Colorado: From Pioneers to Engineers (3rd-8th)

Students will be able to time travel with Margaret Brown as she meets with women who have shaped what Colorado is today. This interactive program uses primary resources and local history to help students learn about important women in Colorado history.

Speaker's Bureau (6th-Adult, $150 per program): 
Learn about the Outrageous Times of Molly Brown, Victorian Holidays, Women's Lives, Restoration, and so much more in this interactive lecture series.