Haute Cuisine Titanic Dinner

Saturday, April 11th 6:00pm                                                                                     

First Class travel aboard the Titanic was the last word in luxury. From the fashionably dressed ladies and gentleman to the finest in haute cuisine, a night on the finely appointed Titanic was truly a splendid affair. Relive one of those highly fashionable nights at the Molly Brown House Museum with an 8-course extravagant meal, live entertainment, and great company.

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About the Molly Brown House Museum

Historic Denver’s Molly Brown House Museum is among the most visited historic sites in the state of Colorado, and one of only a handful of sites nationally dedicated to the interpretation of a woman’s story. Open for more than 43 years, the Museum serves nearly 50,000 people every year, including 10,000 youth, successfully achieving its mission to enhancing the city’s unique identity by telling the story of Margaret “Molly” Brown’s activism, philanthropy and passion through educational programs, exhibits and stewardship.

About Historic Denver Inc.

As one of the nation’s premier historic preservation organizations, Historic Denver, Inc. protects the historic neighborhoods that make Denver unique. Almost four decades into our journey, it is our goal to be a city that respects its past as it plans for the future. MORE HERE.

The Molly Brown House Museum is proud to be a National Trust Distinctive Destination, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. National Trust members receive $2 off their admission price and 10% off merchandise in the Museum Store. Visit the National Trust website here for more information on the program.

Upcoming Events

Name that Rivet: The Ultimate Titanic Scandal Game Show!
April 16th 6:00- 8:00pm $15.00
Test your knowledge and see how much you know about the Titanic. From port cities to scandalous affairs to the largest fortunes amassed in history, learn some hints as you go through the house to win some Titanic themed prizes. Featuring drinks from Black Canyon Distillery.

Women of the Titanic Tea
Saturday, April 25th 11:15 am, 2:15 pm
How much luggage did a first class passenger have compared to a third class passenger? How many times did one change outfits while on board ship? Learn fun, fashionable facts about the Titanic first-hand from the survivors while sipping tea and nibbling on dainty treats.

Current Exhibit

Diamonds in the Daytime: The Changing Fashions of Margaret Brown’s World

– a way of dressing, a personal statement, a mode of creation, a moment in time. While fashion evokes images of beauty and glamour, in reality the history of fashion has been shaped by political and social upheavals, health issues, technology, environment, and economic status.

The world that Margaret Tobin Brown was born into saw significant changes in fashion in America. The way clothing was manufactured, how women shopped, and changing gender roles all reflected new modes of living for women.

Diamonds in the Daytime explores shifting fashion modes as a reflection of social change as America moved through the Gilded Age and into the Great Depression. Margaret Brown was both a witness to and agent of the great changes during her life and became a fashion icon in her own right.

Great News!

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded $19,000 from their Museums for America grant to the Molly Brown House Museum. The museum will use the grant funds to further the longevity of a textile collection important to the Museum’s historical themes and safe guard it for future generations.

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